Instagram is Your Not-So-Secret Weapon

Instagram has long been the go-to social media platform for fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers. The visual platform has created a place for users to highlight the best moments of their lives, from foodie adventures to hot travel destinations and outfits. It's no wonder why bloggers flock to this platform to build their audience.

Although I mentioned the limitations of Instagram compared to Pinterest in the previous bonus chapter, it doesn't necessarily mean that Instagram is useless. Yes, there is a lot more effort required on Instagram than any other social media platform, but the effort is more often than not rewarding for fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers.


Fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogging requires a great deal of visual content creation than any other blogging niches, which gives bloggers in these niches a major advantage on Instagram compared to bloggers in other niches like business, finance, homesteading or personal improvement. There are only so many pictures of checkbooks, accounting and business people sitting at desks that you can post on Instagram before your feed becomes lackluster and boring.

Fashion, beauty and lifestyle are so focused on photos and visual presentation that it just makes sense to use Instagram for your marketing strategies.

Brand Activity on Instagram

Popular fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands also use Instagram as a major aspect of their marketing. Because it is so easy for consumers to follow and connect with their favorite brands, brands are now utilizing influencer marketing through Instagram.

This benefits you as an influencer because you'll be able to seize tons of opportunities to collaborate with brands through the platform. Utilizing the strategies from Chapter 6: Monetize Your Blog, you can learn to monetize your Instagram with sponsored posts, get tons of free products, and get paid too!

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